Trusting God to Get You Through


More than anything else, this book is about an amazing God who reaches down and touches ordinary lives. It is a testimony of all He has done for Jason Crabb’s family and for the people he has been privileged to meet throughout the years on the road. He wrote this book because every soul walks “through the fire” of adversity. Most of us have walked that plank several times. Whether the life of your dreams is unfolding before your eyes, or you are losing hope that it ever will, you have tasted a trial or two. No human being with breath in his lungs can say, “Difficulty has never darkened my doorstep.” You may have entirely different life experiences than Jason. Yet, when you look in the rearview mirror, you can see the high points and low points of days gone by. The important thing–the truly “amazing” thing–is that like Jason you came through all of it. There may be a scar or two to remind us of the past, but the past is behind us. Jason Crabb wants you to know that you came through it “for a reason.” There is something God is yet going to do with you. The important things to remember is that you can “go through the fire “with God’s help.

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