Tears of Rage


As the host of the immensely popular “America’s Most Wanted,” John Walsh has been instrumental in the capture of nearly four hundred and fifty of this country’s most dangerous fugitives. However, few know the full story of the personal tragedy behind his public crusade: the 1981 abduction and murder of his six-year-old son, Adam. Here, for the first time, Walsh, his wife Reve, and their closest friends tell the wrenching tale of Adam’s death – and the infuriating conspiracy of events that have kept America’s No. 1 crime fighter from obtaining justice and closure for himself and his family. At the time of Adam’s disappearance from a Hollywood, Florida, mall, there was no system for tracking kidnapped children. The FBI was reluctant to get involved, and local police had more information on stolen cars than on missing kids. Two weeks later, when Adam’s remains were found in a drainage canal more than one hundred miles from home, John Walsh had already begun his nightmare journey into a criminal justice system that would work against him in ways he never could have imagined. This is the powerful story of Walsh’s transformation from grieving father to full-time activist, and how he enlarged the search for Adam’s killer into an exhaustive, sixteen-year battle on behalf of thousands of missing and abused children.

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