Living Disease Free

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A triumphant journey guided by obedience and faith leads a nurse on an unexpected and life-changing adventure as she answers God’s Call. An autobiographical sketch of a time in Doreen Friesen’s life when she realized that she was on “the wrong side of the mountain,” not only physicFriesen ally but spiritually! Discover the adventure she encountered as she answered “the call” to mission work in India and the metamorphosis that she experiences through a “Divine Appointment” that only the Holy Spirit can arrange! Here are a couple of quotes from the author herself: “What does a six year old know about choosing a career? Evidently I knew enough because when asked, I would say “a nurse or a missionary.” Little did I know that I would become both by the time I was thirty years old.” “When I returned from the trip and was visiting with my mother, she related to me that she had been awakened in the night and felt I was in danger. She prayed nearly all night. It turned out that it was the same day that I had been lost and in trouble in India. The Lord had awakened her to intercede for me.” A compelling adventure in the wilderness on uncertainty that only God can lead you through.

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