Don’t Stand Too Close To A Naked Man by Tim Allen

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In the chapter ?The Wonderful World of Guys?, Tim explains male behavior in all its glory, including how guys behave around their best friends? girlfriends, guys at parties, and Things Men Never Want to Hear (?Gee, I?ve never seen one quite that misshapen?). He shows how to tell the difference between flirting and hitting on someone, and recalls his early dating experiences, as well as his first (rejected) marriage proposal to his wife. There are helpful tips for dealing with women, such as how to answer the question, ?How do I look in this?? (Clue: Never comment on a woman?s derriere), on women?s accoutrements (?A woman will have sixty purses, and I still have the wallet I made in camp?), and on women?s magazines. He ponders such questions as why women are always ?chilly?, when men are burning up; why men don?t mind being called pigs; why women can?t understand what men do in the garage all morning; and why the boats in bass fishing tournaments have to be so fast (?Are bass particularly fast little fish? Are Jim Bob and Sam Bob trying to run them down??).

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