James Bond: Choice of Weapons


In this new collection of James Bond novels, published in trade paperback for the first time, we are once again treated to the thrilling adventures of Fleming?s classic hero, first in The Facts of Death, which pits Britain?s famed secret agent against a fanatic cult who has murdered M?s lover; then in Zero Minus Ten, where Bond finds himself in Hong Kong to investigate a series of deadly shipping explosions; and finally in The Man with the Red Tattoo, where Bond must stop a Japanese crime ring from attempting a mass assassination with a deadly strain of the West Nile virus.

As an added bonus for the fanatical Bond fan base, the collection includes two short stories never before published in book form, “Live at Five” and “Midsummer Night?s Doom.”

Through it all, Raymond Benson masterfully evokes the classic Bond flair, romance, and elan that made Ian Fleming?s novels worldwide bestsellers.

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